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South Korea: Humanities Experiential Learning Trip

Humanities and the Arts
Humanities Experiential Learning Trip
30th May to 6th June 2012


1. To promote experiential learning as a tool for learning

As an experiential learning trip, the economic and geography students will be able learn first-hand on the various sites in South Korea (LG Twin Towers, Hyundai Automobiles, Myeong-dong, Busan, Ulsan, Jeju Island, Cheonggyecheon etc.). The trip will also promote learning through empathy whereby students can assume the roles of the Korean locals to facilitate the understanding of the Korean perspectives.


2. To appreciate Korean culture, role in the global economy, physical landscape and nation

Students will be exposed to these concepts which they had already learned. With Korea’s rich culture and heritage stemming from their long-standing history, as well as their significant role in the global economy, students will be able to experience and appreciate first-hand the vibe, culture and economic importance of South Korea.


3. To promote student interaction with South Korean students

Students will be attending a school in South Korea at Seoul. This will allow the students to promote cultural and academic exchange between Singapore and South Korea. Furthermore via the students, Singapore itself can broaden its ties and links with South Korea.


4. To share the learning points of the trip to other TPJC students.

Students will do a post-reflection of the trip and share their experience to other students so that the rest will also get to learn from this trip. Hence the trip will be meaningful as all the students from TPJC will get to learn about this history trip.

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