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Overseas Twinning Programme To Shandong, China

27th November to 6th December 2012


  1. To enhance enthusiasm among participants in the learning of China Society and Chemistry through exposure to China.
  2. To educate participants on the immense and varied culture and history of China.
  3. To promote interaction and friendship between Singapore and Chinese students (at least 3 half-day in school and ½ day CIP)
  4. Appreciating China’s past and its impact on the Chinese population today by visiting cultural and historical sites.
  5. Developing students’ 21 century skills such as global awareness and cross cultural skills that would enable them to develop cultural sensitivities.
  6. Exposing students to Asia and the world and sensitize them to Singapore’s place in the world, so as to deepen students’ commitment and rootedness to Singapore.



Embarking at Terminal 3, Changi Airport


Bao Tu Spring at Jinan


Learning at Shandong Experimental High




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