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Overseas Community Involvement Programme to India, Kolkata

22nd November – 30 November 2012


  • The project aims to provide an opportunity for our participants to advance international understanding and goodwill.
  • The participants will carry out community service work for the less privileged at various several care homes around Kolkata run by the Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa.  There will be opportunities to volunteer service at homes such as Nirmal Hriday (home for the destitute and dying), Prem Dan (for the sick and mentally ill) and Shishu Bhavan (for orphaned children).  The participants will also visit Ankur Kala, an NGO working for the welfare of women.
  • The participants will meet with students from a school with students age 17 to 18 in Kolkata to foster international friendship, as well as to learn from their experience of organizing community services.
  • Kolkata is a city of culture, which has produced poets like Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and many thinkers which played a pivotal role in India’s strive for independence.  The city tour would thus offer the participants an opportunity to experience the history and vibrant cultural scene in Kolkata.
  • The project will also allow our students to develop leadership skills and foster a closer bond among our participants.







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