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Educational and Cultural Trip to Belgium & Germany

10 November to 18 November 2013

Learning Objectives:

  1. To promote experiential learning as a tool for learning.As an experiential learning trip, students will be able to learn from professionals in Germany when they attend tour trips to various museums, schools. The last part of the trip to Brussels will give students the rare opportunity to attend an EU parliament session and lectures conducted by the EU officials. Also, students will be visiting significant cultural sites in Brussels. This is an excellent platform for the students to learn about different organisations in German such as European Central Bank, European Parliament, NGOs.
  2. To provide students with opportunities to work with German students.During the stay in Aachen, students will be attending lessons conducted in the German international school, Couven-Gymnasium and experience first hand the intricacies of the German educational system. They will also be working with the German students on their respective research topics. Furthermore, home stays with the German students will ensure that students gain a deeper insight into German culture. 
  3. To encourage reflective practices among studentsThe end-objective of the trip is for students to be able to synthesise and consolidate their research findings and their learning experiences during the trip which would culminate in the writing of a comprehensive research paper. When they return from the trip, students will do a post reflection of the trip and share their experience/ learning points to their peers. Through this, it helps develop their reflective practice.

To develop students holistically, increase a sense of belonging to Singapore.


Couven Gymnasium


EU Commission


Belvue Museum


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