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Educational and Cultural Exchange Learning Trip to Hong Kong: Economics and Geography

18 November to 23 November 2013

Learning Objectives:

1. To promote real-world experiential learning, application and reinforcement of concepts taught in class.

Through on-site tours, visits to relevant organisations and school as well as observations.  Places to visit are carefully selected to ensure relevancy to the syllabus for the 2 subjects. Areas of content: microeconomics (firm behaviour, externalities, housing and transport markets); macroeconomics (monetary policy, exchange rate policy); physical geography (lithospheric processes and hazards; atmospheric processes and monitoring; coastal geomorphology); human geography (globalisation and economic change, urban issues and challenges, linkages between the two)

To allow real-world experiential learning, application, and reinforcement of concepts taught in class

2. To cultivate sensitivity, appreciation and understanding of diversity.

Through the interaction with students from Singapore International School Hong Kong (SISHK) as well as locals during the Community Involvement Programme.

3. To foster community engagement

Where TPJCians will partner students from SISHK to their Community Involvement Programme.

4. To share the learning points of the trip to other TPJC students.

Students will do a post-reflection of the trip and share their experience to other students so that the rest will also get to learn from this trip. Could include video-recording of permissible places to share with the cohort. Hence the trip will be meaningful as all the students from TPJC will get to learn about this trip.





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