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CCA Overview

2016 was an eventful and memorable year for the TPJC Volleyball team. Between April to May, the Volleyball Team participated in a series of intense competitions at the National Inter-School ‘A’ Division Championships. Although the majority of the team members had no prior experience in the sport, we trained hard and engaged in friendly matches to prepare ourselves for the Championships. Our efforts certainly paid off when the Boys’ Team managed to qualify for the quarter-finals, placing ourselves within the top 8 schools nation-wide.

The Volleyball Team also created memorable experiences of team-building and bonding over the Volleyball CCA Camp and organizing a Values-in-Action Project. These shared memories had undoubtedly enhanced the team’s camaraderie and passion for the sport while giving back to society.

We have certainly learnt, through our shared experiences, that volleyball is not a game of individuals, but a team sport, where mutual support, respect, teamwork and personal responsibility are important values to uphold. We believe that with the continual efforts and dedication of every team player, the TPJC Volleyball Team will soar to greater heights in the 2017 National Inter-School ‘A’ Division Championships.

EXCO Members (Boys)

Position Name
Captain Lim Chao Zhou (16S17)
Vice-Captain Chong Ker Wei, Gerald (16S13)

EXCO Members (Girls)

Position Name
Captain Lim Li Ying Felicia (16S19)
Vice-Captain Sharon Soo Min Hui (16S17)

Teachers in-charge

Mr Kenneth Kwok
Ms Huang Weiling Dorcas
Ms Jacqueline Chua

Main Highlights:


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