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CCA Overview

The Tennis team is made up of seasoned players and enthusiasts alike. We believe that it is as important to hone skills as it is to provide the platform to cultivate interest in the sport. Through our twice weekly training sessions (Wednesdays and Fridays, 3.30pm to 5.30pm at the tennis court), our members are trained in essential tennis skills and techniques like service toss accuracy and block volleys. Our members are also trained in the rules of the sport so that they can umpire matches (at school and national levels). Through fun and rigours training sessions, the tennis team not only produces competent tennis players, we also cultivate good habits and values in our members, concurrently instilling in them confidence and leadership skills.

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EXCO Members

Position Name
Captain (Girls) Vera Chan Boon Keng (16S14)
Captain (Boys) Nathaniel Ho Jia Jun (16S01)
Vice-Captain (Girls) Jemima Huang Jie (16A08)
Vice-Captain (Boys) Stanley Cheong Kai Loong (16A06)

Teachers in-charge

Mr Vincent Lee
Ms Sophil Ang
Miss Zaidah Rahmat

Main Highlights:

In April, the competition season beckoned, with the Tennis team sending both boys’ and girls’ team to participate in the National ‘A’ Division Tennis Competition. Both teams put up their best fights in the tournament, with our boys’ team emerging top 8 overall.

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As a part of our efforts to contribute to society and hone our members’ organisation and leadership skills, the Tennis team engages in Values in Action (VIA) activities every year. In 2016, the Year 2 members engaged in a meaningful time of voluntary work at Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen that caters food to the underprivileged in Singapore. Our Year 1 members volunteered at Kampung Senang Elderly Care Centre where they interacted with and organised activities for the seniors at the home, as well as refurbished a notice board.

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