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CCA Overview

While on the surface, Table Tennis does not seem to require extreme physical prowess compared with many sports, it is nevertheless one that requires strong mental focus, skill and exceptional patience. We believe in helping our students achieve this calm and collected state of mind required in the sport. Even when the going gets tough and frustrating, this skill will stand them in good stead in character and resilience building. We also provide opportunities to groom potential leaders through the organising of various activities and contribution to the society.

EXCO Members

Position Name
Captain (Boys) Yong Khung Sen (16S20)
Vice-Captain (Boys) Tay Bing Xiang Kenneth (16S04)
Captain (Girls) Lei Li Ying (16S12)
Vice–Captain (Girls) Yap Wan Ying (16S21)
Secretary Chia Lincoln (16S08)
Welfare IC Ritha Low Chuan Ling (16S19)
VIA Project Leader Lim Yan Shan (16S19)

Teachers in-charge

Mdm Twu Yek Chian
Mr Yew Zu Yao Jonathan
Mr Sum Chee Chung Ivan

Main Highlights:

Table Tennis JC1 & JC2 members


National Inter-School ‘A’ Division Table Tennis Championship 2016

This year marks a very special year from our Table Tennis Team, as it is the year where we sent a Girls Team to the National Inter-School ‘A’ Division Table Tennis Championship. Our members trained hard for it, and although we did not enter the finals, the experience has allowed each member to grow as a better sportsman or sportswoman.


National Inter-School ‘A’ Division Table Tennis Championship 2016


VIA Project (NTUC Health Silver Circle) Date: 2nd June 2016 – 3rd June 2016

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