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CCA Overview

The TPJC Softball team was formally formed in 2001 and has competed in the “A” Division National Championships since 2002. Although our numbers are significantly smaller than some of the other sports teams, we have participated actively in National-level competitions like the National “A” Division Softball Championships and the Singapore Recreation Club (SRC) Carnival over the years. For 2016, we obtained 3rd runner up position in the “A” Division Boys National Championship, and had the distinction of being the only team to score runs against the eventual champion, Raffles Institution. We also continued our tradition of participation and having a good showing in the SRC Softball Carnival for 2016.

As part of the grooming and development of our players, our members are carefully chosen by the coach through a series of softball trials in March and through the Direct School Admission (DSA) in July of the preceding year. This year, we also had the privilege of having two national female players among our team. We also had our Softball Camp this year in school on the 14-15th March 2016 where members learnt and revised softball drills and skills from our coach while seniors imparted lessons to the new members with learning both on and outside the field, fostering teamwork with respect.

Lisa Low (16A07) also did the team proud by winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in the Little League Asia-Pacific Regional Senior League Softball Tournament, leading the team to 2nd position.

In addition, we have embarked on our second year of working with the Bone Marrow Donation Program (BMDP) as part of our CCA VIA on the 5th of August, 2016, to organize a Bone Marrow Donation Drive in the college which has gotten good response from our students and staff.

EXCO Members

Position Name
Captain Chia Shen Yi (16S21)
Vice-Captain Yang Yang (16S05)
Quartermaster Tan Jia Wei (16S23)

Teachers in-charge

Mrs Lee-Ang Saw Hong
Mr Edmund Heng

Main Highlights:


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