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Science & Environment Club

CCA Overview

At the College level, the members of the Science and Environment Club continued their monitoring of water collected at the ‘Bioretention Swale/tree Project’. In addition, they designed the signage for the project that is meant to serve as an educational tool to increase the College body’s awareness on conservation efforts. The project is also a continued effort in Tampines Junior College to do what we can to cherish and help protect our precious resource – water – in Singapore.

We also initiated the “Use a Bag” Day, which was a Values in Action project conducted with the help of the college attendants. For the project, we promoted the use of recycling bags for grocery shopping. It also included a short speech by the club president, as well as a tea session organised for the cleaning attendants to enjoy.


  1. To promote awareness and action for the environment and science.
  2. To develop leadership skills.

EXCO Members

Position Name
President Sean Loh Ren Zuo (16A02)
Secretary Yeo Wei Hng (16S09)

Teachers in-charge

Mrs Gay Guay Kim

Main Highlights:

  1. SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) 2017
  2. Bioretention Swale Project
  3. Nature Activity


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