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Modern Dance

CCA Overview

TPJC Modern Dance Club (MDC) dancers are exposed to different genres of dance which include contemporary, jazz, hiphop etc. In MDC, all dancers are encouraged to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the way. Every dancer plays a part in perfecting the performance and every dancer is family. We believe each dancer has the ability to increase her/his physical, emotional, and intellectual well being through the various dance activities.

Through the multitude of student-led events like the TPJC Open House and CCA Exhibition performances, JC1 Orientation Dance Camp, JC2 Farewell Night, and Teacher’s Day performance, the Modern Dance Club has had the most amazing opportunity to participate in an array of activities, in order to develop the leader in every dancer. Apart from these events, MDC also participated in an external dance workshop, Elevate, conducted by instructors from The Royal Dance Off at the Singapore Polytechnic and Redefine 2016 conducted by Jump Productions. This exposed our dancers to different genres of dance, allowing them to better appreciate the essence of dance, and even inspiring some to create their own choreographies.

We were also proud to showcase our dance performance at the Victoria Theatre for Panorama 2016 after months of intensive training and hard work. Our dancers have emerged stronger, physically and mentally, in their pursuit of becoming better dancers, and for some, better choreographers. Through our passion for dance, we hope to create our own legacy which will bring MDC to greater heights.
The choices we make in life define who we are and what we become. We take more chances by doing more dances. Dancing with the body is one thing, but dancing with the Heart is what we do. In the end, we live because we choose. And we choose to DANCE.

EXCO Members

Position Name
President Natalia Tan Jing Wei (16A06)
Vice-President (Admin and Ops) Emily Tan Wei Jia (16A06)
Vice-President (Training) Andrea Marie Ho Zhi En (16S03)
Secretary Hwang Jihye (16S18)
Treasurer Verena Clare Woo Sze Chieh (16S18)
Head of Special Projects Rim You Jin (16A06)
Head of Publicity and Media relations Jessalin Tan Hui Yan (16A07)
Head of Logistics Darius Tan Hong Wen (16A01)
Head of Welfare Mikayla Tan Xinying (16A06)

Teachers in-charge

Ms Clara Pay (OIC)
Miss Geraldine Sim

Main Highlights:

  1. TPJC Open House
  2. CCA Exhibition performances
  3. JC1 Orientation Dance Camp
  4. JC2 Farewell Night
  5. Teacher’s Day
  6. Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2015 for International Dance
  7. Panorama 2016
  8. Elevate (Workshop by Royal Dance Off at the Singapore Polytechnic)
  9. Redefine 2016 (Workshop by Jump Productions)

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