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Indian Cultural Society

CCA Overview

The Indian Cultural Society is a platform for our Indian students to learn more about the Indian culture and embrace traditions. Moreover, our CCA aims to impart bilingualism in its members by further honing their Tamil conversational skills by actively participating in competitions and seminars.

In 2016, the society took part in a well-known competition called Agni organised by Anderson Junior College and emerged champions. In addition, our members also did us proud by merging second in Yutham, a language based competition. Also, our debate team made it all the way to the quarterfinals for Surabi, where a student was awarded the best speaker award.

Such competitions help to further improve one’s leadership skills and teaches the importance of teamwork and commitment. Our society also conducted a VIA project at Sarada indergarten which helped our members to bond and develop leadership skills.

EXCO Members

Position Name
President Rajendran Praveen (16S06)
Vice-President (Linguistics Activities) Mukuntan S/o Muruganantham (16S24)
Vice-President (Performing Arts Activities) Viasar Malavar (16S01)
Secretary Raashida Elahi Binte Mohamed Raffi (16A05)

Teachers in-charge

Mdm Pichandi Banumathi

Main Highlights:

Achievements in 2016:

    1. Agni Competition

      Singing Component (3rd)

      1. Theenan Kavya (16A08)
      2. Muhila Nargunam (15S21)
      3. Mona Madhu Mitta D/o Mohgan (15A03)

      Dance Component (2nd)

      1. Viyshnatulasiy D/o G M (15S10)
      2. Gannamani Srisaiharshitha (15S10)
      3. Prithi D/o Rajagopal (16A07)
      4. Habib Mohammed S/o Asraf Belal (16S24)
      5. Gowrath Nelson S/o Anthony D (15S21)

      Reserves/Helpers for All Components:

      1. Mukuntan S/o Muruganantham (16S24)
      2. Vijayakumar Yashwanth (16S05)
    2. Yutham Language Competition 2nd placing

    3. Surabi Debate Competition quarter finals

    4. VIA project at Sarada Kindergarten

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