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Objectives of Hockey in TPJC:


1. To impart basic hockey technical & tactical skills to its members.

2. To provide members opportunities to develop leadership and team spirit qualities (perseverance, teamwork &

commitment values) to members in trainings and in games.

3. To participate in the National Inter-Schools ‘A’ Division Tournament (Boys/Girls) and other tournament

organised by MOE and/or Singapore Hockey Federation (SHF) affiliated bodies .


EXCO Members:

Position Names
Captain (Boys) Derrick Chuy Ying Han (16S01)
Captain (Girls) Cassandra Chai YingXin (16S17)


Teacher in-charge:

Mr Abdul Samad

Mdm Yeah Hong Eng

Miss Tan Yong Hui





Training sessions of the CCA:

Wednesdays: 3.30pm – 6.30pm

Fridays: 3.00pm – 6.00pm



Other events in the CCA

1. VIA activities in partnership with Econlife Healthcare Group (Tampines Hub)

2. Day camps during March and/or December holidays.


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