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Guzheng Ensemble

CCA Overview

The TPJC Guzheng Ensemble provides opportunities for students to pursue their interests in Chinese music and also nurture life skills through a holistic musical education. It is through the passion for music that enables our students to attain excellence in instrumental performance as well as develop holistically in all aspects of their lives.

EXCO Members

Position Name
President Neo Hui Ying, Joey (16S13)
Vice – President Nur Larissa Bte Alfian (16S11)
Secretary Hu Xingyang (16S11)

Teachers in-charge

Mdm Wee Liang Ee
Ms Wong Xin Yi

Main Highlights:

  1. TPJC Open House
  2. CCA Exhibition
  3. Panorama 2016
  4. Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Guzheng Ensemble 2015
  5. VIA Projects

guzheng ens

guzheng ens 3

guzheng ens 2

On 10th Feb 2017, TPJC Interact Club, Guzheng Ensemble and the Chinese Cultural Society visited the elderly at the Moral home for the Aged Sick. Together, the 3 club members planned a two hour programme to celebrate Chinese New Year with the elderly. Through the interaction with the elderly, the students gained empathy towards the needs of the elderly. As the team performed together, they learnt how to work together as a team, put their values into practice and contribute meaningfully by bringing joy to the elderly.

CCA Guzheng_01

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