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First Aid Society

CCA Overview

TPJC First Aid Society believes that every member should be equipped with basic first aid knowledge and offer assistance to students and staff in the college whenever the need arises. To achieve this, members of the FAS will be sent for a 3-day compulsory Adult First Aid Course.

Furthermore FAS facilitates the replenishment of first aid items in various first aid boxes around the school through fortnightly stock check during CCA hours. FAS students are also on duty for every school event where there is a risk of injury to the participants, such as the TPJC Annual College Track and Field Meet, JC 1 Orientation Camp, to render first aid assistance when required.

TPJC FAS also works with Red Cross to hold annually a blood donation drive as our Values-in-Action project.

Through all these activities, FAS hopes to instil in their members the importance of responsibility, flexibility while rendering first aid, independence and teamwork.

EXCO Members

Position Name
President Chloe Kwong Simin (16A01)
Vice-President Manvinder Kaur (16S13)
Secretary/Treasurer Sandhya Balaki Mallov (16S13)


Teachers in-charge

Mr Teo Hee How, Kelvin
Ms Cheng Lin Lin, Jaclyn

Main Highlights:

JC 1 Orientation Jan 2016
TPJC College Road Run Feb 2016
First Aid Course March 2016
TPJC Track and Field Meet May 2016

VJC-TJC First Aid Photo Quiz competition April 2016 – Third Place in Team based component1

VIA – Red Cross-TPJC Blood Donation Drive 2016

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