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ELDDS (Drama)

CCA Overview

About the Llamas

The English Drama Society, known fondly by its members as the TPJC Drama Llamas, is a vibrant CCA which has a long-standing tradition of creating and sustaining opportunities for the development of students’ performance talents, theatre skills and passion.

The Llamas believes that performance is not exclusive to a selected few. Everyone has a voice in the theatre, and works together as a family to produce a truthful piece of work.

In each Llama’s stint as part of the society, they are given the chance to perform on a public platform as well as exercise their creative muscles in technical and design areas. They undertake various aspects of performance ranging from, but not limited to, lighting design, stage make-up, and acting.

Recent Public Performances

Family Portrait at the Arts House Chamber (July, 2016)
Devised for the Singapore Drama Educators’ Association’s Celebrate Drama! 2016, Family Portrait explored, through the use of puppetry, the diversity of voices within a family as well as the diversity of families in our society.

Garisan Kuning at the Arts House Play Den (June, 2016)
Garisan Kuning is a repertory piece written by Michelle Tan exploring the sense of identity and belonging within our community in a world where rules are rules are rules. The Llamas also performed an abridged version of this piece for the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Drama 2016, and were awarded the Certificate of Distinction.

Missing Mama at the Substation Theatre (April, 2015)
Six characters have taken their mothers for granted. As they try to make amends, they find different ways to cope, hoping to preserve the legacy they have been given. From love to hate, fear to adoration, we experience the most complex emotions with our mothers. Our mothers can be our toughest weakness or our greatest strength. A devised piece, Missing, Mama examines the different relationships we share with our mothers, paying tribute to the women who brought us into this world.

Waiting… Leave at the Goodman Art Centre Black Box Theatre (April, 2014)
Six characters are waiting. For what and whom, they do not know. Where they are and how they got there is also a mystery. Adapted from the works of Eugene Ionesco, Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter, Waiting… Leave finds joy in the absurd act of a waiting game.

EXCO Members

Position Name
President (Student Director) Thara Iman Bte Mohd Rashid (16S19)
Vice-President (Production Manager) Teo Jia Ling (16S05)

Teachers in-charge

Mr Khairulnizam
Mr Choy Wai Wan

Main Highlights:

Special programmes and events in the CCA:

Annual public performance, annual bonding camp, collaborative and exchange workshops with other Junior Colleges, learning journeys (watching performances or backstage tours at professional theatre performances), and intra-college performing arts programmes, such as TPJC Arts Night, Open House.


  • SYF Arts Presentation for Drama 2016 – Certificate of Distinction
  • SYF Arts Presentation for Drama 2014 – Certificate of Accomplishment




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