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CCA Overview

TPJC Basketball has provided its members with innumerable opportunities to grow as a team and as an individual. Through the biweekly school trainings and team bonding sessions, members pick up important basketball skills and learn how to work as a cohesive team, all of which are pre-requisites to be a champion.

Last year has seen the integration of another new batch of J1s and the joint efforts of both the J1s and J2s in the ‘A’ Division National Basketball Tournament where the shortcomings of one are complemented by the strengths of the other. In TPJC Basketball, everyone is encouraged to be student leaders with self initiative and no man is left standing alone. Just as the school motto goes – “Aim and Achieve”, we hope the coming year will bring about greater harvest for our team.

EXCO Members

Position Name
Captain Sean Kok Shi En (16S18)
VIA Representative Pamela Chng Rong Pu (16S04)

Teachers in-charge

Mr Seow Zhong Wei (Overall Teacher in-charge)
Mrs Yeo Chen Zhiling
Mr Yeo Li Kuang

Main Highlights:

  • Participation in National A Division Tournament

011 021

  • Participation in TJC-MJC Cup

031 041

  • Basketball Training Camp

Annually, there will be a basketball training camp conducted during the March/June School holidays for the new teammates to bond.

  • VIA Project

Every year, the basketball team will self-initiate and carry out a VIA project.

In 2016, 26 of our TPJC basketballers went to volunteer at Silver Homes from 8am to 6pm. Silver Homes is a programme initiated by the Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC) and aims to provide a healthy, safe and clean living environment for the elderly staying in rental units. The programme seeks to promote both the mental and physical well-being of their beneficiaries.

Below is a summary of what our basketballers did:

  • Moving and covering the furnitures in preparation for bed bug fumigation
  • Cleaning of windows and areas hard to reach for the elderly
  • Painting from a door to an entire unit
  • Delivering of new beds, bed frames and pillows for the bed bug victims
  • Setting up of new beds
  • Sweeping and mopping of floors after fumigation and painting
  • Removing furnitures infested with cockroaches
  • The volunteers clocked in a total of 10 hours (8am to 6pm) of volunteer work.

We are proud of our basketball team for self-initiating this VIA project.

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