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CCA Overview

TPJC Badminton is all about playing the sport, and much more. With TPJC Badminton, students learn how to overcome challenges as a team, even though badminton is an individual sport. Members of TPJC Badminton come together for all our events, and through thick and thin, forge enduring bonds with each other. The CCA also provides many students, even non-CCA members, with the special opportunity to officiate at many high profile tournaments, such as the Southeast Asian Games and Paralympics of 2015. The 2016 members were also given the opportunity to compete in the Inter-College A-Division Tournaments, and were instrumental in motivating the College in the Steps Challenge 2016. Tampines Junior College emerged the winner in this national challenge. From these experiences, students learn that sport is not just about the game itself, but also the behind-the-scenes support that ensures the games are run smoothly and fairly. TPJC Badminton will give students many unforgettable memories and impart many lifelong lessons, enriching College life for all.

EXCO Members (Competitive Team)

Position Name
Captain (Boys) Tanny Lee (16S17)
Captain (Girls) Lydia Ho Qian Yu (16S16)
Vice-Captain (Boys) Moses Cheng Zai En (16S09)
Vice-Captain (Girls) Anthea Yu Yulun (16S14)
Secretary Herlin Noviana (16S09)
Treasurer Sara Chiang (16S21)
VIA I/C Tay Poh Yang (16S21)
Logistics Wayne Nua (16S10)
Kim Min Tae (16S10)

EXCO Members (Recreational Team)

Position Names
Captain (Boys) Marcel Yap Qi Long (16S07)
Captain (Girls) Nur Harisa Bte Hassan (16S12)

Teachers in-charge

Mr Chew Heng Seng
Mrs Christine Koh
Mr Ma Kah Kui

Main Highlights:

  1. Inter-School A-Division Championship 2016
  2. College Inter-House Games 2016
  3. Badminton Camp 2016
  4. VIA – College Motivation for Steps Challenge 2016

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