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A-Level Curriculum

Academic Curriculum

Students can look forward to a curriculum that will be relevant and exciting – one that will prepare them well for the ever-changing world.

The current `A’ level curriculum comprises the following:

Three levels of Study

The subjects are offered at three levels of study:

H1 – half of H2 in breadth but similar to H2 in depth

H2 – equivalent to `A’ level subjects.

H3 – in-depth study (e.g. research paper) that caters to selected students.

Criteria for students offering subjects at H3 level

To be offered H3 subjects, students need to perform exceptionally well during the JC1 Year-End Examinations (scoring A grades for the 3 H2 subjects with a pass in GP or scoring a UAS of 75 excluding PW) and meeting the relevant pre-requisite subjects at the H2 level. For TPJC, we are offering H3 Mathematics conducted in-house to students whom met the prevailing academic requirements.

Students can choose to pursue a H3 programme offered by MOE partners as well. Students whom meet the prevailing academic requirements will be nominated by the College to these MOE partners during the application of admission to these H3 programmes. Final placement on these H3 programme is subjected to selection by these MOE partners.

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