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Event Highlights Term 2 2017

Debate Competition

From 1st June to 3rd June 2017, the TPJC Debate Team comprising of Alvin Siah (16A05), Clara Lim (16S08), Meldrick Kuan (17S03), Ethan Lee (17S10), and Derrick Wan (17S16) competed in the MOE-ACJC Intercollegiate Debating Championship (MIDC). The team faced tough opponents in 6 gruelling rounds, and gained invaluable experience from competing against other Junior Colleges and International institutions. The limited time available to brainstorm and plan for the impromptu debates was an excellent opportunity for the team to work together, refine their debating skills and improve their overall general knowledge. The event was truly an unforgettable experience and will enable them to develop further for subsequent competitions.

2017-T2-Events-JuneDebateCompetition_01 2017-T2-Events-JuneDebateCompetition_02 2017-T2-Events-JuneDebateCompetition_03

Dialogue with Alumni 2017

The Dialogue with Alumni was held for POLARIS students and Student Leaders on 31 May 2017. The students and alumni met in groups during which alumni from various professions shared about their life experiences as well as knowledge about career possibilities and paths. Students also took the opportunity to clarify their doubts, seek advice and came away inspired by the alumni who guided them willingly and readily. Thank you alumni for always supporting TPJC!

2017-T2-Events-DialogueAlumni2017_01 2017-T2-Events-DialogueAlumni2017_02 2017-T2-Events-DialogueAlumni2017_03

Project Changemaker 2017 – Caterpillar Club Learning Journey To ArtScience Museum

Project Changemaker is a platform for TPJC students to self-initiate and lead projects to serve the community. Fueled by a common passion to make a difference in the lives of youths, a group of JC2s students got together to create a Project Changemaker learning journey to ArtScience Museum for the students of Caterpillar Club. Some of the children were even interviewed by Japanese Media Crew as there was filming going on while they were there! It was indeed a day of fun and meaningful learning for both the student facilitators and the participants!

2017-T2-Events-ProjectChangemaker_01 2017-T2-Events-ProjectChangemaker_02 2017-T2-Events-ProjectChangemaker_03 2017-T2-Events-ProjectChangemaker_04

Pre-University Seminar 2017

19 students are representing our College at the prestigious Pre-University Seminar which is held at the National University of Singapore. During the 4-day residential seminar, students will have an exciting learning experience interacting with their peers from other institutions, and with distinguished guests.


Project Kirei 2017

As part of the Keep Singapore Clean Movement, the Civics Council led a College-wide effort during Project Kirei to encourage consistent individual action to bring about a large collective change in the maintenance of College cleanliness. Students first gained a greater awareness of the challenges faced by our Executive and Administrative Staff (EAS) through interviews with them. Students then went on to show appreciation to the EAS by sharing their workload. Finally, students contributed to innovative proposals to rally the College together in sustaining this effort through Kirei 365. Keep your eyes peeled for these in Term 3!

2017-T2-Events-ProjectKirei_01 2017-T2-Events-ProjectKirei_02 2017-T2-Events-ProjectKirei_03

8th National Students Calligraphy Competition 2017

5 students took part in the 8th National Students Chinese Calligraphy Competition on 28 May 2017. 2 of them, Mao Yaxin (17A01) and Liu Enqi (17S23), received Outstanding Awards. Congratulations!

2017-T2-Events-8thNationalCalligraphyComp_01 2017-T2-Events-8thNationalCalligraphyComp_02 2017-T2-Events-8thNationalCalligraphyComp_03

Heartland Ambassador Ceremony

Our JC2 NYAA students attended the Heartland Ambassador Appreciation Ceremony held on 28 May at the Punggol Town Square. The ceremony was held in appreciation of the Heartland Ambassadors for their efforts and contributions towards the community. As part of this programme, our TPJC students conducted residential visits, mentored and even set up game booths as part of the outreach projects in the Heartlands. Senior Minister of State for Education,Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information, and Adviser to Pasir Ris – Punggol Grassroots Organisations, Dr Janil Puthucheary, was present to present the Certificates of Completion and Achievement to our students. Our College also received an award for 3 years of sustained partnership with HDB for this programme. Well done TPJC NYAA students!

2017-T2-Events-HeartlandAmbassador_01 2017-T2-Events-HeartlandAmbassador_02

H.O.T LEGACY Concert 2017

H.O.T LEGACY Concert was held on 26 May 2017. Project H.O.T is a fundraising concert initiated and organised by students. It promotes student bonding and provides a platform for students and teachers to showcase their talents in music and dance. The event also featured special performances by alumni as well as the refreshments booth by the Parent Support Group. It was definitely a wonderful evening and a uniquely TPJC Ohana experience!

2017-T2-Events-HotLegacyConcert_01 2017-T2-Events-HotLegacyConcert_02 2017-T2-Events-HotLegacyConcert_03 2017-T2-Events-HotLegacyConcert_04

Student Leaders’ Investiture and Partners Appreciation

Our annual Student Leaders’ Investiture and Partners Appreciation Ceremony was held on 24 May 2017 with the theme of ‘Bring Thee Glory’. The student leaders received their badges from the Guest of Honour, our alumnus Mr Chiam Jielun Jaren (03S10) and our School Leaders. This was followed by a badge pinning ceremony for the 32nd Student Council witnessed by representatives from the pioneer batch of Student Councillors. We also took the opportunity to appreciate our Partners in Education – the Parent Support Group, Alumni, External Organisations and Coaches – who have partnered us in providing our students with a holistic education.

2017-T2-Events-AppreciationCeremony_01 2017-T2-Events-AppreciationCeremony_02 2017-T2-Events-AppreciationCeremony_03 2017-T2-Events-AppreciationCeremony_04 2017-T2-Events-AppreciationCeremony_05 2017-T2-Events-AppreciationCeremony_06

Alumni Meeting 1

During our first alumni meeting of 2017, alumni from 19 different batches gathered and reminisced about their fond memories of TPJC, received updates on alumni events as well as brainstormed ideas forward. Thank you alumni for your enthusiasm and desire to contribute, we look forward to the next meeting!

2017-T2-Events-AlumniMeeting1_01 2017-T2-Events-AlumniMeeting1_02 2017-T2-Events-AlumniMeeting1_03

Inter JC/CI Oratorical Competition

TPJC Gavel Club concluded the Finals of the 2017 Inter JC/CI Oratorical competition on 5th May 2017. For this year’s competition, 25 student-contestants from 14 schools pitted their public speaking skills against one another in the various rounds of the Impromptu Speech and Prepared Speech contests, speaking on the theme ‘The Singapore Spirit’. The Finals was graced by Mr Jeffrey Low, Principal of English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS), who gave the closing address to encourage the attendees and contestants.

2017-T2-Events-InterOratoricalComp_01 2017-T2-Events-InterOratoricalComp_02 2017-T2-Events-InterOratoricalComp_03

Mother’s Day

A heartwarming episode took place during morning assembly on 12 May. All staff were presented with a lovely carnation by student leaders to show their appreciation to their “Mommies” in TPJC. Our Parent Support Group were also gifted carnations from our Principal, Ms Yoong, that same evening during the PSG Meeting. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!

2017-T2-Events-MothersDay_01 2017-T2-Events-MothersDay_02

Parent Support Group – Power Up Station

We are appreciative of our Parent Support Group who showed strong support by serving dinner to our students who stayed back during the Night Study Programme.

2017-T2-Events-PSG_PowerUpStation_01 2017-T2-Events-PSG_PowerUpStation_02 2017-T2-Events-PSG_PowerUpStation_03

SYF 2017 Arts Presentation for Band

On the 3rd of May 2017 the Tampines Junior College Symphonic Winds participated in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYFAP) 2017 for Concert Bands. The band members presented 2 pieces, “Escape Velocity” by Dr. Kelly Tang and “Fate of the Gods” by Steven Reineke. The band obtained a Certificate of Accomplishment. Through the experience of preparing for the SYFAP, the band members had been able to hone their skills of musicianship and also forge strong bonds as they learnt to depend on and trust each other.

2017-T2-Events-SYFAPBand_01 2017-T2-Events-SYFAPBand_02

2017 National Schools Chinese Calligraphy Competition

3 students took part in the National Schools Chinese Calligraphy Competition on 1 May 2017. We are happy to share that Lim Yang Hong Aloysius (16S02) and Ngoi Thing Juhn (17A03) received the Outstanding Awards. Congratulations!

2017-T2-Events-ChineseCalligraphyComp_01 2017-T2-Events-ChineseCalligraphyComp_02 2017-T2-Events-ChineseCalligraphyComp_03

SYF 2017 Arts Presentation for Modern Dance Club

TPJC Modern Dance Club (MDC) presented a spectacular performance titled “Iron Throne” at the SYF 2017 Arts Presentation held on 28 April at the Kallang Theatre. The choreography depicted a kingdom with warriors of varying talents and objectives but uniting as one to fight for a common purpose. Eventually, with teamwork and resilience, the warriors managed to win the Iron Throne. This choreography drew parallel to the SYF journey which enabled the dancers to embody the College values of Responsibility, Integrity, Courage and Humility. TPJC is proud of the team of MDC dancers who danced with their hearts and achieved the Certificate of Accomplishment. They have definitely left a resounding legacy with the College’s last SYF Dance performance.

2017-T2-Events-MDCSYF_01 2017-T2-Events-MDCSYF_02 2017-T2-Events-MDCSYF_03

SYF 2017 Arts Presentation for Guitar Ensemble

TPJC Guitar Ensemble took part in the SYF 2017 Arts Presentation on 28th April at the School of the Arts (SOTA). Our Guitar Ensemble performed two pieces – Cadiz composed by Isaac Albéniz and Kalimba composed by Jürg Kindle. Determined to showcase their best performance to the audience, the student leaders initiated multiple sectional and ensemble practices before and after lessons to hone their skills. The intensive practices not only brought the students closer together as an ensemble, but also earned them a Certificate of Accomplishment.

2017-T2-Events-GuitarEnsemble_01  2017-T2-Events-GuitarEnsemble_022017-T2-Events-GuitarEnsemble_03


Our ECG Day was held on 26 April 2017 featuring talks by representatives from higher institutes of education and an exhibition fair with booths put up by various organisations. Students gained a better understanding of future education and career pathways, the qualifications and skills required, as well as the student activities and courses offered by various universities.


Students enquiring on careers with a representative from the Republic of Singapore Navy.


Students listening to an informative briefing by Yale-NUS speaker, Daniel Cho.


Students listening to an informative briefing by SUSS speaker, Dr Mark Donoghue , Senior Lecturer.

Career Symposium

The annual TPJC Career Symposium was held in partnership with the Rotary Club of Raffles City for the 6th year running on Saturday, 22 April 2017. The sharing of career experiences by distinguished industry leaders and professionals from various sectors – engineering, finance/accounting/banking, healthcare, legal services, and civil service and education services – helped students and parents to understand the career prospects in the various industries, what it takes to enter and thrive in the working world, as well as the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic job landscape.

Overall, the Career Symposium participants gained deeper insights into the various industries, and came away more inspired to chart out their career paths. Thank you Rotary Club of Raffles City for 6 years of strong partnership!

Distinguished guests from the Rotary Club of Raffles City

Keynote Address by Tengku Indra, Director of Vocational Services, Rotary Club of Raffles City

Snapshot into a Breakout Session by one of the Rotary Club industry leaders, Dr. T C Phua (Dentistry)

Snapshot into a Breakout Session by one of the Rotary Club industry leaders, Dr. T C Phua (Dentistry)

Singapore Youth Festival 2017 Arts Presentation for Choir

TPJChoir participated in the SYF 2017 Arts Presentation for Choir, held on 21 April at School of the Arts, Singapore. The choir presented a selection of three pieces, comprising a set piece – Bunga Sayang composed by Dick Lee and arranged by Zechariah Goh – and two contrasting choice pieces, namely, Abendlied and Iddem-dem Mallida. Through the preparation for SYF AP, the choristers learnt to form deep connections between song and emotion in order to convey the story to their audience. They also learnt about being in harmony as a choir to sound as one voice. We are happy to announce that TPJChoir has been awarded with ‘Certificate of Distinction’. Congratulations to TPJChoir on the job well done! This journey has definitely been a valuable and meaningful experience for the students.

2017-T2-Events-SYFChoir_01 2017-T2-Events-SYFChoir_02 2017-T2-Events-SYFChoir_03

NTU-TPJC China Studies Seminar

On 19th April, TPJC hosted the inaugural NTU-TPJC China Studies Seminar, involving around 100 students from 8 JCs. NTU Assistant Professor, Kei Koga, and Senior Analyst, James Char, shared their insights and understanding of China’s foreign relations. Through the seminar, students developed a deeper and more up-to-date understanding of contemporary China issues to support the study of China Studies in English.

2017-T2-Events-ChinaStudies_01 2017-T2-Events-ChinaStudies_02 2017-T2-Events-ChinaStudies_03

Chinese Essay Writing Competition

This year’s Chinese Essay Writing Competition organised by the MTL Chinese Unit was successfully held in April.

For H1CL JC1 Level:
Third Prize goes to: Jeremy Koh E-Yang from 17S06
Second Prize goes to : Nur Sulistiara Tiong Hui Ting  from 17S11
And First Prize goes to :  Yab Yi Tong from 17S05

For H2CLL JC1 and JC2 Level :
Third Prize goes to: Li Jingyu  from 17S23
Second  Prize goes to : Wang Jiashi   from 17S22
And First Prize goes to :  Mao Yaxin from 17A01

Congratulations to all our winners!


2017 NE Dialogue for JC2s

On Wednesday, 19th April 2017, Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman, Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Mayor of the South East District, was invited to speak with our JC2 students about Singapore’s position in the world today and what it will take for us to move forward to SG100 and beyond. This is part of the annual National Education (NE) Dialogue, which aims to provide opportunities for students to engage with key office holders in the Singapore government, as well as to give insights on policy-making and existing government policies. It was an enlightening session that triggered thought-provoking questions from the audience.

2017-T2-Events-NEDialogue_01 2017-T2-Events-NEDialogue_02 2017-T2-Events-NEDialogue_03

SYF Arts Presentation (Malay Dance) 2017

After 6 years hiatus, TPJC Malay Cultural Society once again participated in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation this year, showcasing their talent in traditional Malay dance. With great teamwork, discipline and camaraderie, we are indeed proud to say that after all those grueling and intensive dance practices, the MCS succeeded in attaining Certificate of Accomplishment. Always Aim and Achieve.

2017-T2-Events-SYFMalayDance_01 2017-T2-Events-SYFMalayDance_02 2017-T2-Events-SYFMalayDance_03

Humanities Week 2017 – Humans of TPJC: Weaving the Family Fabric

In line with TPJC31 Ohana, Humanities Week 2017 is themed Humans of TPJC, drawing spotlight on differing interpretations of and works on ‘family’.

Kicking-off with Kacang Puteh and Movie Night on 7 April with the screening of the award-winning film Spirited Away in the College Hall, students were treated to an event-filled week from 10 to 13 April. The Instagram Challenge ‘What’s your Story?’ saw submissions of creative write-ups and Instagram photographs on inspiring individuals in the TPJC family. Helmed by the Art Unit, Paint by Numbers provided students the opportunity to create mural pieces as a student body. The Geography and History unit students put together a week-long exhibition entitled Ohana Singapura, which featured students’ photographic interpretations of space, sense of belonging and national identity. From the Literature Unit, ‘Home!’ A Literary-Visual Text Exhibition showcased students’ works surrounding the theme of home and family. We also had the privilege to have Singapore poet Mr Aaron Lee for the guest lecture series where he enlightened the students on how local poets express Singaporean-ness and the cultural space of Singapore.

Humanities Week ended off on a high note with the annual Arts Night by the Theatre Studies & Drama Unit and Literature Unit, featuring poetry and performances relating to family and community. We were also honoured to feature guest performances by Singapore poet Mr Aaron Lee, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School and Dunman Secondary School.

2017-T2-Events-HumanitiesWk_01 2017-T2-Events-HumanitiesWk_02 2017-T2-Events-HumanitiesWk_03

International Friendship Day

We commemorated International Friendship Day in Term 2 Week 3 with a mass CCE presentation in the Auditorium. The JC2 Civics Councillors raised awareness about the different backgrounds and experiences of some of our ASEAN neighbours, the similarities we share in terms of culture and collaborations, as well as the importance of ASEAN as an organisation that ensures regional peace and stability.

2017-T2-Events-IntFriendshipDay_01 2017-T2-Events-IntFriendshipDay_02 2017-T2-Events-IntFriendshipDay_03

GCE A’Level Project Work Result Release

The GCE ‘A’ Level Project Work results were released on 17th April 2017. It was a joyous occasion where students reaped their reward for the hard work put into their projects last year. Congratulations to all students and a big thank you to all staff and parents who supported and journeyed with the students.

2017-T2-Events-ProjWorkResultRelease_01 2017-T2-Events-ProjWorkResultRelease_02 2017-T2-Events-ProjWorkResultRelease_03

Economics & Financial Literacy Fest 2017

The Economics & Financial Literacy Fest 2017 took place on 10 April 2017 with the launch of the Retail Entrepreneurship Challenge and Online Economics Quiz. The Retail Entrepreneurship Challenge held for the first time this year was a reality entrepreneurship competition that witnessed 14 groups of aspiring student entrepreneurs pit their wits and resourcefulness against each other for the title of Most Profitable Business Award, Most Innovative Business Award and Most Outstanding Business Award. The 14 participating groups undertook one month of intense planning and preparation for the 3 day retail business competition. The student entrepreneurs had to apply concepts learnt in Economics, Business and Marketing in order to formulate strategies to attract customers to their stalls and achieve the highest sales and profits. Student participants commented:”The competition was really an eye-opener for me and it gave me a glimpse of what the life of an entrepreneur entails which is tough and yet rewarding when your business yields profits!”

The Economics & Financial Literacy Fest culminated on Wednesday with the unveiling of another 2 activities: The GIC Safehouse Experiential Game and the Oligo-POLY Board Game. The students had an engaging and enriching afternoon learning about Financial Literacy as well as the decision-making process of an oligopolistic firm.

2017-T2-Events-E&FLitFest_01 2017-T2-Events-E&FLitFest_02  2017-T2-Events-E&FLitFest_04  2017-T2-Events-E&FLitFest_06

SYF Arts Presentation – Guzheng Ensemble

On the 12th of April 2017, the Guzheng Ensemble participated in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation and managed to achieve a Certificate of Accomplishment. We would like to thank the school management, teachers, instructors, EAS and also everyone, who has in one way or another, made this learning journey a valuable and meaningful experience.

2017-T2-Events-GuzhengEnsemble_01 2017-T2-Events-GuzhengEnsemble_02 2017-T2-Events-GuzhengEnsemble_03

Math & Science Week

It has been a week of exciting programmes and activities in Math & Science Enrichment Week 2017: Sciencia Alimentum (Latin: Food/Nourishment Science).

The POLARIS Science students and JC2 Science Subject Representatives helmed the event and enthused the College in the everyday application of mathematics and sciences in food, both an integral part of our daily lives and traditionally used to express gratitude and bond communities.

The line-up included student-led workshops (Fruit DNA Extraction , Ice Cream Making, Chemistry of Dipping Dots, Mathematical Modelling in Chips & Instant Noodles) and learning journeys (Guan Hin Coffee Factory, NUS Physics Lab, NUS Math Lab). Students also pitted their wits against each other in TPJ Masterchef and Pop.Expo at the canteen every day.

We were also privileged to have hosted a workshop for students from Haig Girls’ School where the girls from the Science & Environment Club had a whale of a time learning more about the extraction of DNA from strawberries.

2017-T2-Events-Maths&ScienceWk_01  2017-T2-Events-Maths&ScienceWk_03 2017-T2-Events-Maths&ScienceWk_04 2017-T2-Events-Maths&ScienceWk_05

Debate Competition

The TPJC Debate Club sent two teams to compete against schools, colleges and a selection of international schools at the ACJC Oldham Cup 2017, held from 6th to 8th April. Team A won 3 out of 8 rounds and comprised of Alvin Siah (16A05), Clara Lim (16S08), Derrek Chan (17S16), Nicholas Lew (17S17) and Christabelle Peng (17S17). Team B also won 3 out of 8 rounds and comprised of Zavier Chan Li Wei (16S16), Sherritze Lew (16A06), Meldrick Kuan (17S03), Brannon Aw Xu Wei (17S15) and Syafiqah (17S17). In addition, Ajay Singh (16A01) and Ryan Tan (16S18) attended the event as adjudicators.

The competition presented an opportunity for J1s to gain experience of competitive debating for the first time but the J2s ensured they played a full part in the team, and offering help and support when needed. All debaters had fun debating against such a wide range of schools and bonded closely while preparing for the different motions. We also like to thank our Teacher in Charge, Mr Davies, for accompanying throughout this competition as well as the school for giving us this amazing opportunity to be able to participate and showcase our debate skills.

2017-T2-Events-DebateComp_01 2017-T2-Events-DebateComp_02 2017-T2-Events-DebateComp_03

PSG Meeting 1

The Parent Support Group gathered for their first meeting of the year on 8 April 2017. The meeting was an opportunity to welcome new PSG members and to discuss upcoming plans to collaborate with the school in support of TPJC students. Thank you PSG for a wonderful evening and we look forward to the next meeting!


J1 Term 1 TPSparks winners

The inaugural TPSparks CG competition has seen its first series of winners for J1! Aligning with the theme “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much” for Term 1, the J1s’ rigorous planning and execution for the VIA project during JC1 Ohana camp paid off handsomely! Congratulations to 17S09, 17S11 & 17S22 for the wonderful, innovative & insightful ideas that were executed over JC1 Ohana VIA!  You have truly epitomised the Ohana spirit, where as a family, we leave no one behind.


30th TPJC College Day

The 30th TPJC College Day was held on the 31 March 2017, Friday. Besides recognizing and celebrating our graduating students’ academic and CCA achievements, staff and students, past and present have had an enjoyable and memorable evening catching up with founding Principals, former & current colleagues, parents & students.

2017-T2-Events-30thCollegeDay_01 2017-T2-Events-30thCollegeDay_02 2017-T2-Events-30thCollegeDay_03 2017-T2-Events-30thCollegeDay_04 2017-T2-Events-30thCollegeDay_05 2017-T2-Events-30thCollegeDay_06

Hosting of Seri Lalang Secondary School

The Malay Language Unit hosted 80 visitors from SERI LALANG SECONDARY SCHOOL, KLUANG, JOHOR, on Friday 31 March 2017.

The student visitors have had friendly matches in Netball and Soccer games with our TPJC students before sitting in a Malay Language lesson.  We wish our visitors a pleasant and enriching learning trip in Singapore.

2017-T2-Events-Serilalang_01 2017-T2-Events-Serilalang_02 2017-T2-Events-Serilalang_03

Catholic Junior College Chinese Chess Cup on 4 Mar 2017

The TPJC Chess Club competed in the Catholic Junior College Chinese Chess Cup on 4 Mar 2017 against peers from the other schools with a like-minded interest.

After 7 gruelling and intense rounds, one of our teams, consisting of Yip Wen Xu (16S15), Gabriel Au (16S09), Chua Kai Jun (16S09) and Lek Jie Wei (16S16), emerged as overall champions. Jie Wei and Kai Jun were placed 1st and 2nd respectively. Well done, TPJC!


2017 Project Ohana

Project Ohana, TPJC’s annual cohort camp, was held from 22 – 24 Mar 2017. It focused on us giving back to the community through Values in Action (VIA) projects that included a cohort-wide newspaper collection from our Tampines neighbours to raise funds for the Tampines North CC Community Development Welfare Fund. Our classes also planned projects with our partner VIA organisations in the vicinity of the College to serve the elderly as well as the special needs community.

What made this year’s Project Ohana extra special was that it coincided with World Water Day and students supported water conservation efforts by distributing flyers containing water saving tips to residents in Tampines.

 On the second day of Project Ohana, 987FM deejays, Gerald and Adam, surprised our JC1 cohort with a special guest appearance to inspire our students to pursue their passions! Following their sharing of personal experiences and careers in the radio industry, they also gamely took questions from our energetic and excited students. The event ended off on a high note with the deejays hosting their radio show live from TPJC featuring students being interviewed and making song dedications on air. Thank you 987 for visiting us!

2017 T2 Events ProjOhana_01 2017 T2 Events ProjOhana_02 2017 T2 Events ProjOhana_03 2017 T2 Events ProjOhana_04 2017 T2 Events ProjOhana_05 2017 T2 Events ProjOhana_06
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