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School House System

Assignment of Houses

  • Students are assigned to their House based on their Civic Groups (CGs) with each CG being led by a House rep
  • Staff are assigned to their House either based on their civic tutorship or to ensure an equitable distribution (in terms of gender, age groups and total number)

Management of the Houses

  • From the JC2 House Reps, one is chosen as the House Captain and another as the House Vice-Captain
  • The House Captain and Vice-Captain together with the CG House Reps will assist the House Advisors from the PE Dept with the management of their respective House

See below for the Houses and their respective House colour & Advisor

  • Seagull (Grey) advisor: Mr Chew Heng Seng
  • Phoenix (Phoenix) advisor: Mr Abdul Samad
  • Heron (Purple) advisor: Mr Vincent Lee
  • Eagle (Red) advisor:Mr Harrie Desianto Mohd Hussein
  • Falcon (Orange) advisor: Ms Lee Ying Qi
  • Hawk (Yellow) advisor: Mr Kwok Jien Chi Ian
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