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Event Highlights Term 4 2015

SMU Leadership Symposium

On the 7th & 8th December 2015, 4 of our student leaders attended the inaugural SMU Leadership Symposium. This year’s theme was “Illuminating Leaders”. Our students were privileged to have the opportunity to hear from various industry trail blazers and gain insights to further improve themselves to be better student leaders of TPJC.






Excellent Performance (Star) Award 2015

TPJC congratulates Mdm Nurul, our SPE, on her achievement of Excellent Performance (Star) Award 2015.





TPJC EAS Learning Journey

The TPJC EAS Team held our annual EAS Learning Journey on Thu 3 Dec 2015.  The team had such an enriching and meaningful time at both the MOE Heritage Centre and the Reflection at Bukit Chandu. Most of all, they enjoyed a sumptuous Lunch, special treat from our dear Principal Ms Yoong. The photos tell it all……..Thumbs up day!







On the 23rd to 26th November 2015, 45 students comprising of ODAC and NYAA members of Tampines Junior College, attended the first ever four-days three-nights ODAC and NYAA Leadership Training Camp. The camp took place at MOE Changi Coast Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre (CCOALC). It aims to instill in our students with the knowledge and hands-on experience on how to be an effective leader by giving them opportunities to lead and experience through various activities.


High and low elements within the camp facilities placed the students outside of their comfort zones and as they were tasked to complete various challenging routes as a group, which required the elements of good teamwork and courage, all of which are traits of a leader that are in line with our College core values. These activities where then followed up by a Sea Expedition which involved students kayaking from the campsite to East Coast Hawker Centre. The long distance and the strong currents was a challenge and many students had to push themselves to keep up with the pack, many showed perseverance and teamwork as they paddled their way to end-point and back to the campsite. Land Expedition also took place at Pulau Ubin, which required students travelling to and fro checkpoints which posed challenges and tasks to students, once again calling upon College values in order to complete them, failing in to do so will then cause the students to lose part of their lunch which they have to cook themselves using outdoor equipments. This was also a new approach to motivate students in order to complete their tasks. At the end of every day, the students had to reflect on the activities they have gone through and as a result gain knowledge on the application of our College core values which is present in our everyday lives and activities. Out of all this, the students had to prepare for their campfire performance from the first day and to end off the camp, a campfire was held on the final night where students had to perform in various forms such as dancing and skits. It was a wonderful experience for the students and even the teachers joined in on the performances. Truly a great camping experience. With the experiences and knowledge gained from this camp, the students will carry what they have acquired and apply it in their everyday lives in school for the progress of the College.





SG50 Giving Concert – RestrungXV

On 28/11, the TPJC Guitar Ensemble, in collaboration with TPJC Choir, Very Special Outstanding Performers (VSOP), ACJC Guitar Ensemble, Evergreen Circle, Wellness@West and some of our very own JC1s, held a SG50 Giving Initiative concert ‘RestrungXV‘. The multi-talented TPJCians presented a brand new side of them by displaying a wide range of musical skills. It was truly a night of entertaining and soulful showcase. Most importantly, it was the performers’ privilege to use music for a meaningful cause.




OCIP Trip to Cambodia – Day 1

On 17th November, 24 Students and 3 teachers from the college set off for Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) trip to Cambodia from 17th November – 26th November 2015. 


(For more trip updates, pls click on blog link:https:/ Instagram: ovia_cambodia)


  Group photo at Changi Airport


 A visit to an artisan workshop in Siem Reap, craftsman meticulously carving on the sandstones.


OCIP Trip to Cambodia – Day 2

TPJC students taught the Grade 5 snd 6 students in Kok Kraul Primary School about colours through songs and paper chromatography. In the afternoon, they weeded the field to prepare for the construction of a new playground. They completed their weeding in a day with their teamwork and perseverance.


  An enrinching day interacting with Kok Kraul Primary.


  Students Hard at Work – Weeding the Field to Prepare for the Construction of a Playground


  Teaching Grades 5 and 6 students about colours


  Teamwork at Play in Weeding the Field



OCIP Trip to Cambodia – Day 3

The students conducted lessons through sing-a-long sessions with students from Grades 3 and 4 at Kok Kraul Primary School and ended their interaction with ball games. In the afternoon, they continued their work on the field by levelling the ground to prepare for brick laying the next day. They exhibited strong leadership qualities and concern for their fellow teammates.






OCIP Trip to Cambodia – Day 4

 Laying the first layer of bricks for the playground


  Playing zero point with the children


 Forging strong bonds with the children



OCIP Trip to Cambodia – Day 5

  Visit to a silkworm farm


  Visit to Wat Thmei Killing Field



OCIP Trip to Cambodia – Day 6

 Sunrise at Angkor Wat


  Listening attentively to the sharing by the local guide



OCIP Trip to Cambodia – Day 7

  Making Friendship Bands


  Constructing the new playground in Kok Kraul Primary School


  Learning about the 3Rs-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle through music and dance



OCIP Trip to Cambodia – Day 8

Teaching the students of Kok Kraul Primary School about flowers


 Village children playing with the completed playground.


 Distributing donation items to the children



OCIP Trip to Cambodia – Day 8

 Opening ceremony of the newly furbished playgorund


 Playing chapteh witht he students of Kok Kraul Primary School


 It is hard to bid farewell for both TPJC and Kok Kraul Primary School students.


Cultural Immersion trip to Hong Kong – Day 1

On 17th November, 24 Students and 3 teachers from the college set off for Cultural Immersion Trip to HK from 17th November- 21st November 2015. 

(For more trip updates, pls click on blog link: https:/ Instagram – Tpjchk2k15)


  Group photo at Changi Airport


 Briefing by principal, Ms Yoong


  First destination in Hong Kong: Public houses. Tour guide gave some background knowledge on the various public houses that are available to people of different income earnings.


Cultural Immersion trip to Hong Kong – Day 2

 At Hong Kong Disneyland,  to participate in the Youth Education Series (YES) programme, a Disney foundation for career success.


 Role playing games



Cultural Immersion trip to Hong Kong – Day 3


 Group photo with the Director & staff of Hong Kong Nang Yang College of Higher Education


  Peer discussions with the Hong Kong students


 Visited St. Mary’s Home for the Aged for Values In Action (VIA) programme.



Cultural Immersion trip to Hong Kong – Day 4


 Listening attentively to farmer’s instructions at Green Produce Foundation organic farm


 With the guidance of a farmer, students  learnt to make bread from scratch.


  Students following the farmer’s technique of proper steps of planting crops.


 When the bread was done baking



Cultural Immersion trip to Hong Kong – Day 5

 A visit to the Housing Authority, Interactive board to support learning



 Visit to Tai O, to see how the people in the past make a living out of fishing.


 Group photo at Hong Kong airport.



OVIA trip to Vietnam – Day 1

On 15th November, 24 Students and 3 teachers from the college set off for Overseas Values-In-Action (OVIA) trip to Vietnam from 15th November to 24th November 2015.

(For more trip updates, pls click on blog link: https:/ )


  Warmly sent off by principal, Miss Yoong,  parents and friends


 Independence Palace,Vietnam


  War Memorial Museum,Vietnam


OVIA trip to Vietnam – Day 2

 Service Learning in Tuong Da Primary School



OVIA trip to Vietnam – Day 3

 Tuong Da students seemed exceedingly engaged in lessons taught by our students.


 Painting of classroom walls


OVIA trip to Vietnam – Day 4

 Cementing of classroom floors  with the guidance of  a few construction workers


 Laying out new tiles for classroom


OVIA trip to Vietnam – Day 5

 Interacting with the children and teaching them simple handicrafts such as photo frames and friendship bands.


 Painting of classroom walls


 Group photo with Tuong Da students



OVIA trip to Vietnam – Day 6


 Interaction and Secretarial committees came together to plan the Farewell Party



 Paper flowers to be given to the school as a gift for Vietnam’s Teachers’ Day.


 The teaching team demonstrated proper hygiene to the children



OVIA trip to Vietnam – Day 7

 The donation team put together goodie bags for the students.


 Packed toothpaste, toothbrush, clothes and food into each goodie bag.



OVIA trip to Vietnam – Day 8

Decorating the school with balloons and streamers for farewell party.


  Exchange of thank you messages and souvenirs between both schools


 Activities for the children, musical chairs.


OVIA trip to Vietnam – Day 8

 Group photo with the hotel staff before departing for Ho Chi Minh City airport.



Power Up Stations

On 13th of October, the College concluded the series of Power Up Stations with the Grand Finale. The Power Up Stations, organised by the Parent Support Group, ran weekly in the period of August to October, and during periods nearing major examinations, it was held daily. The Power Up Stations served food and beverages to students who stayed in College for their night studying. We are certain that our students have benefited from it.







Tamil Digital Heritage Project

TPJC is proud that our teacher, Dr Pichandi Banumathi was part of the Tamil Digital Heritage Project (TDHP) which is an unprecedented and unique effort to digitise Singapore Tamil literature of the last 50 years as a present from the Indian community to the nation on its 50th birthday.  The National Library Board hosted this digital collection and it was inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam together with Minister Iswaran who was the patron of the project.





2015 TPJC Caring Teacher Award Ceremony

Congratulations to our officers who received the 2015 TPJC Caring Teacher Award. The students cheered loudly as their teachers were presented the Award during Teachers’ Day Celebration on 3 September!!




MOE Workplan Seminar 2015

TPJC was appointed as one of the cluster breakout venues for MOE Work Plan Seminar 2015. Educators in the cluster schools gathered together as a community to share and discuss how schools can engage parents meaningfully to bring out the best in every child.







Olive Charity Run

On 19 Sep, 6 competitive runners participated in the MOE Olive Charity Run 2015. However, due to the haze, this 5km competitive run was changed into a 5km walk. We thanked the 2 teams for training hard for the run prior the event!



Senior Education Officers Treat for all Staffs 18 September 2015

This is the season whereby our dedicated and committed teachers and EAS worked hand-in-hand to prepare for the year-end exams of our students. In appreciation of their devotion and hard work, our School Leaders and Senior Education Officers brought in a Prata chef and treated all staff to a Prata and BBQ buffet!









Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2015

On 13 Sep, TPJC staff participated in the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2015. This 6km charity run was changed into a 6km walk due to the haze. It turned out to be a great bonding session for all who participated on a voluntary basis!



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