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Event Highlights Term 3 2015

All The Best Mr Egwin Lian

TPJC wishes Mr Egwin Lian the very best as he begins his 1-year postgraduate studies at King’s College, London, UK.

Singapore-Industry Scholarship

TPJC congratulates Wong Kin Seng on being awarded the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (full term).

Leadership Training Camp 2015

One of the key highlights of our Student Leadership Development Programme is the Student Leadership Training Camp (LTC) which was held from 31 July to 2 August 2015 for the student leaders of all CCAs. Held annually, the LTC seeks to provide a dynamic platform for student leaders to develop and hone their leadership skills as well as to interact and exchange ideas with their peers. The passion and enthusiasm exhibited by the students were reflective of a single heartbeat as they aim to excel in being role models and exemplary in their every day conduct and becoming leaders of the future.

Here are some reflections from our participants at camp:

Lim Zhining 15S20

“Through this camp, I have learnt the importance of effective communication, especially so during the UNO maze. Many instructions were given by different people at the same time and there was a point in time when no one was listening. Hence, I have learnt that communication needs to be a 2-way process in order to be effective. Also, I have learnt to be courageous; as a leader, I must be able to deliver instructions and messages confidently and be daring enough to suggest ideas.”

Wirda 15A05
“I feel that the camp helped enhance my leadership skills, for example to challenge the process or encourage the heart. It made me realize that these commitment statements, if applied effectively in our daily lives, could make a positive impact in TPJC. Through the personality test, I was able to find out my areas of strength and weaknesses as a leader, so that I can better myself. Through this camp, I realised that many problems that we face and dwell on are actually petty and irrelevant. I realised that I could use this energy and transfer it to creating a positive impact in someone who is willing to listen and accommodate. I came to a conclusion during the camp: The best leaders out there are those who make a family out of their team…”


Prime Minister’s Book Prize 2015

We would like to congratulate Nur Faezah Binte Suhairy Alias Hairulanuar on being the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Book Prize 2015 – Pre-university category.

Well done, Faezah. We are very proud of you. 

Youth Celebrate! Record Setting Feats

Students represented the college, in conjunction with SG 50, attempting two record setting feats:

  1. Forming the largest Floating Singapore Flag
  2. Most Number of Laps Swum in 1 Hour
The event took place on 26 July at the Singapore Sports Hub.



Yuen Jia Jun


Darren Tan


Marcus Sea


Y Karthikeswaran


Roy Wang


TPJC-Pusat Tingkatan Enam Tutong Twinning Programme 2015

TPJC hosted 15 students and 3 staff from Pusat Tingkatan Enam Tutong, Brunei Darussalam, from 2 – 7 Aug. This is part of MOE’s Twinning Programme with Brunei. Our guests were taken care of by our TPJC student buddies during their stay here in Singapore. Apart from attending lessons with the buddies, our guests also had the opportunity to visit places of interest in Singapore.

Tampines JC celebrates SG50!

On 6 Aug 2015 Tampines JC celebrated SG50! Students and teachers came together as TPJC Family to celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday. The atmosphere was filled with happiness and the spirit was very high. It was indeed a memorable day for TPJC.

Line for the Morning Assembly
Students, who are former members of various Uniform Groups, came together to lead the College in Morning Assembly. These students volunteered and practised hard during their free time under the supervision of Mr John Mak. Civics Councillors also formed part of the contingent.
Line for the Station Games
It was time for the students to have fun reminiscing games that were popular with them and the older generation during their younger days. Students enjoyed playing Five stones, Chapteh, Zero-point and Pick-up-sticks. It was a good time for the classmates to bond as well. The Commemorative Lego sets were also given an innovative  twist when students constructed buildings in Future Cities of Singapore. Eager students were sharing with each other what they liked about the formations at the Foyer.
Line for Finale
The highlight of the day was, without doubt, the Sing-a-long session led by teachers. The Hall was filled with laughter and great singing of the National Day songs led by the teachers. The College spirit was definitely alive and the celebration ended on a high note. Everyone wished Singapore “Happy Birthday!”

50km Challenge

In conjunction with SG50, our national jubilee year. TPJC first ever 50km challenge was initiated by our Principal, Ms Pamela Yoong, saw a take up rate of about 250 staffs, teachers and students. The college had to clock 50km in the month of July. To qualify for the Finisher award, the participants had to complete 25 sessions of 2km or more. Participants who took only 10 sessions of 5km were awarded the Principal’s award.

TPJC  EAS SG50 Celebration

TPJC EAS Team celebrated the SG50 by organizing a “Makan Session” for our dedicated caring teachers at PLATO room on the eve of National Day, Thu 6 Aug 2015. Objectives of this event  included “In Appreciation of  our teachers and their support for our EAS; Promote bonding among our teachers and EAS & Promote our College spirit of Caring & Sharing! The  highlights of the event are the 50 varieties of food items -savoury items and dessert prepared  by pur very own SLs, EAS Team and Service Providers.  Teachers had a great time sampling the different treats for them!


NYAA and House Leaders camp

The 3 days 2 nights NYAA and House Leaders camp 2015 that was held from 31st July to 2nd August was recently concluded. This camp was organised by the TPJC PE department and was aided by some of our College Alumni. It was a successful camp as there were elements of fun, adventure, leadership training and character building all weaved into the camp activities. The camp activities comprised of a canoe polo segment, a finale night and ended off with an Amazing Race at Bedok Reservoir! Our students certainly enjoyed themselves tremendously.

TPJC at Youth Celebrate!

TPJC was a part of the enthusiastic audience at Youth Celebrate! – an SG50 spectacular showcase of youth energy and achievements in the performing arts, sports and uniformed groups.

Sports For Life Run Test and Walk Test

TPJC staff participated in the MESRC Centralised Sports for Life Activity (2.4km Run Test and 2km Walk Test) for the East Zone schools to quality for the MOE Healthy Lifestyle Incentive Scheme Award. It was a good opportunity for all to keep fit and bond together.

TPJC Tamil Literature Seminar 2015

TPJC hosted the JC Tamil Literature Seminar last Saturday, 25 July.  A total of 11 JCs presented at the Seminar, with 120 students and 12 teachers attending.
This is the 3rd Seminar that we are conducting in the series.  This seminar series provides a platform for students to collaborate and share the views on the A Level Literature texts.   The presentations made during these seminars are compiled and sent to all JCs.   They are well sought after as teaching and learning resources.

SG50 Fun Pack Distribution

On 11th July, 48 students from Tampines Junior College were privileged to participate in the distribution of SG50 National Day Fun packs to the residents in Tampines West.  It was a meaningful experience for students as they were able to engage the residents and encourage them to participate in community activities in Tampines West. Kindly click on this link which feature a video of the students in action.

SWC Hari Raya Celebration

SWC organised a special Hari Raya makan gathering for all staff and it was graced by our dear Principal Ms Yoong . The Muslim Staff wore their best Hari Raya costume for the celebration. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Satay & Burger Sale by MLEP Students

In keeping with the spirit of camaraderie during this festive Hari Raya Aidilfitri season, the current JC1 MLEP cohort with the help of the EAS has set up a booth selling satay and burgers to raise funds for needy students in the college on 21 July 2015. Decked in their colourful ethnic costumes, the students enthusiastically promoted and sold more than 1000 sticks of delicious mutton and chicken satay. They also sold about 100 beef and chicken burgers to the hungry lunch crowd outside the canteen. Their teamwork was commendable as each and every one who was on duty helped each other to man the booth. Not only they showcased good team spirit, they also took the chance to bond with one another and had fun doing something for a good cause.

Hosting of Taipei delegates

The College hosted a group of 16 delegates from Taipei Education Bureau on 20 July. The bureau, led by Professor Lee Che Di  of the Taiwan National Normal University consisted a 15-member delegation comprising curriculum heads from renowned Taipei High Schools.. The aim of their visit is to have a deeper understanding of Singapore’s education system. The delegates have had an enriching interaction with the teachers at the visit.

UNAS UN Annual Seminar 2015

On 11 July 2015, four students from TPJC were chosen as Finalists to present their paper during the United Nations (UN) Annual Seminar, organised by the United Nations Association of Singapore. They are:

1)      Chen Lee Wai from 15A01

2)      Paramitha Sukur Suryanto from 15S14

3)      R Ramana from 15S14

4)      Ung Yee Shuen from 15S19

They received a Certificate of Appreciation for their presentation. They were also privileged to be in the company of distinguished speakers from various universities and learned more about how Singapore can contribute to the United Nations in her capacity as a small state.

Congratulations Mdm Shahenaz Sulaiman

We congratulate Mdm Shahenaz Sulaiman on her successful selection for the MOE OVERSEAS TEACHER ATTACHMENT PROGRAMME IN SCIENCE (OTAP) 2015.

Mdm Shahenaz will be in Costa Rica from 7 July 2015 to 24 July 2015.  We are sure she will have a lot of interesting learning experiences to share with us on her return.

TPJC Birthday Bash

TPJC celebrates our 29th Birthday today! We have lollipops, chocolates, birthday cakes, a “live” band to celebrate this special occasion!
It is also a double-happiness for us when we celebrate Crystal Yap’s (14S03) achievement at the 28th SEA Games.  Crystal had won 2 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal for synchronized swimming events!
We wish TPJC an awesome year ahead!
Happy Birthday, TPJC!
Click here to view more photos

TPJC EAS Prata Learning Journey

TPJC EAS had our ever first Prata Learning Journey@Kampung Cafe on Tue 9 Jun 2015. It serves as part of EAS learning and development and to promote greater bonding among the EAS team. These photos are evident of the fun time EAS had that day!

2015 National Chinese Calligraphy Competiiton

On 14 June 2015, 2 students entered the final round in the 2015 National Chinese Calligraphy Competition organised by the Singapore Chinese Calligraphy Society. They are

1.      Foo Jie Hui (14A07)

2.      Hsieh Chia Yen (14S14)

Both of them received Outstanding Awards.

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