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Event Highlights Term 1 2016

 100,000KM Physical Challenge Progress

To mark the halfway point of our 100,000KM Physical Challenge, our Principal, Miss Pamela Yoong received a cheque of $30,000 on behalf of Tampines JC from DPM Teo Chee Hean and our partner, Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple during the Loyang Tua Pek Kong Birthday Celebration on 19 Mar 2016.

The 100,000KM Physical Challenge is a project where Tampines JC partners with our pledge fund raising sponsors, North East Community Development Council & Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple, to bring benefits to the families in the North East District.

Congratulations TPJC Chess Club!

TPJC Chess Club has attained excellent results this year.

Apart from coming in 5th place in the Hwa Chong Cup, Ng Wi En of 16A08 bagged the 3rd runner up medal in this year’s Char Yong Cup (Girl’s category).

Congratulations Wi En!

National Schools Bouldering Championships 2016

9 boys and 6 girls from the TPJC Rock Climbing team participated in the 2016 National Schools Bouldering Championships held on 18 March 2016 at Xinmin Secondary School. The Team worked hard and put up an outstanding performance. We are proud to announce that the ‘A’ Division Boys (Team) was the Overall 1st Runner Up, coming in second place out of all the other participating schools. In addition, our ‘A’ Division Boys have emerged victorious in the Qualifiers. Tan Ye Xun of 15S14, Muhammad Afiq Bin Ayub of 15S23 and Carl Matthew Senarta of 15S15 eventually secured the 3rd, 4th and 6th place respectively in the Finals held on 19 March 2016.

 ‘A’ Division Girls Qualifying Round

‘A’ Division Boys Qualifying Round

Top (from the left): The finalists are Carl Matthew Senarta of 15S15, Muhammad Afiq Bin Ayub of 15S23 and Tan Ye Xun of 15S14.

Bottom: J2 Rock Climbing Team.


On 19th March this year, our College NYAA students received their certificates of Achievement and Accomplishment at a prestigious ceremony held at Republic Polytechnic. This is part of our annual collaboration with the Housing Development Board (HDB) for their Heartland Ambassador programme. The Heartland Ambassador Gathering 2016 serves to appreciate and recognize the efforts of all participants in the programme whereby one has to go through a series of training, execution of a residential project and also training of the junior pupils from other schools to spread messages of neighborliness in our HDB housing estates. Congratulations to our NYAA students for their participation in this programme!

First Aid Course 14-15 March

TPJC’s annual first aid course was successfully completed from 14-15 March. It was well attended by over 130 participants from teachers to students and even by our very own Executive and Administrative Staff (EAS). This is in line with our college directive of instilling a safety culture and climate in our college where every teacher involved in a high risk activity, student and staff will always have First Aid knowledge so that we can react well in emergencies.

Track and Field CCA

Our Track and Field Team has done well during the recent Akira Siwft Annual Track and Field Championships on 13 March held at the Chua Chu Kang Stadium. Most notable were Merlin Lim En Sheng of 15S08 and Hatma Binte Mohamed Hatta of 14A08 who clinched the third place medals for both of their categories in the Men’s and Women’s 100m for the under 20 category. Congratulations to them both!

NTU-MOE Seminar

23 JC2 ALPHA students attended the annual NTU-MOE Seminar on Economics and Public Policy at the School of Humanities and Social Science Auditorium this Saturday (12th March) morning. We had the pleasure of listening to distinguished NTU professors who spoke about the opportunities and challenges for ASEAN and Singapore from China’s industrial upgrading, exchange rate policies for Singapore and China as well as redistributive policies for economic inequality. We also learnt as to how Hong Kong’s property market could be affected as US increased their interest rate. There was also a special briefing from the members of the Committee on the Future Economy – Mr Tan Chong Meng, Group CEO, PSA International and Mr Jean-Luc Butel, President K8 Global – regarding challenges and opportunities for the future economy of Singapore. Special mention goes to Ju Seok Hwan (15S21) who was commended by the speakers regarding his question pertaining to Singapore’s involvement in the Arctic Council and what else Singapore can do.

Dinner & Dialogue with the Principal 2016

11 Mar 2016: Dinner & Dialogue with the Principal 2016. Strong show of support from parents!

IRCC Dialogue 2016: Religion and Marriage

On the 5th of March 2016, 12 JC 2 students participated in the Tampines West Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles (IRCC) Dialogue 2016 entitled “Religion and Marriage”. It was a Saturday morning well spent as the interactive and informative session gave insight on the different religious points of view on marriage and the ceremonial customs associated with it. Our students were also engaged in thinking about the challenges that the marriage institution is facing in light of changing mindset and lifestyles due to globalisation. It was indeed an eye-opening and enriching session.

MOE SGfuture Engagement Session on 3rd March 2016

Our JC2 students – Ronnie Lai, Hosanna Nazar and Jeevan Vivakanandan with Acting Minister Ng Chee Meng at the SGfuture Engagement Dialogue.
It was an interesting and thought-provoking afternoon for our 3 students as they listen to their peers and the Minister share about future learning and pursuing one’s passion. The Dialogue left them thinking about the choice career they want and if pursuing this career means the same as pursuing their passion. No easy answers, though they were certainly richer for the experience.

GCE A-Level Results Release 2015

Congratulations, Class of 2015! You have done us proud and given us another reason to celebrate in our 30th Anniversary! We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

MLEP lecture Series and Orientation

MLEP LECTURE SERIES 2016 AND MLEP ORIENTATION  organised by CPDD, MOE in collaboration with Tampines Junior College on Saturday, 27 February 2016 at Lecture Theatre 1, Tampines Junior College. The theme for the  Lecture Series is Malay Language : Bridging Knowledge ( Bahasa Melayu Menjembatani Ilmu) with the scope of discussion encompassing  the strategy of writing literature and science fiction text and application of knowledge learnt from English language to Malay language writing . The Speaker was  Mdm Sri Rahayu bin Mohd Yusop, Educator and Award Winning Novelist. Subsequent event was the MLEP Orientation in the afternoon with the involvement of MLEP students from Tampines Junior College, Innova Junior College and Pioneer Junior College.

Hong Bao Special- Visit to Moral Home for the Aged Sick

On the 19th Feb 2016, the TPJC Interact Club, Guzheng Ensemble and the Chinese Drama Club visited the elderly at the Moral home for the Aged Sick.

Prior the trip, the TPJC Interact Club conducted a fund-raising drive from students and staff in College.  The proceeds of the drive were used to purchase basic necessities such as face and bath towels, toothpaste, and toothbrushes for the elderly and to provide Ang Pows for the elderly.

On the actual day, the Club also collaborated with Guzheng Ensemble and the Chinese Drama Club to conduct a two hour programme to celebrate Chinese New Year with the elderly. The elderly enjoyed the performances put up and had a great time connecting with the youths.  Through this event, the students developed empathy, compassion and important lifeskills such as organisational and leadership skills.

Students with Their Donation Items

Students Playing Bingo, Paper Mosaic, and Origami with the Infirm Elderly

Guzeheng Ensemble Performing for the Infirm Elderly

A warm welcome to our 13 PRC Senior Middle Two scholars embarking on the JC experiential programme in TPJC – 29th Feb to 4th March 2016

TPJC has been collaborating with MOE/PCCG unit annually to provide Senior Middle School scholars from PRC with the opportunity to interact with our local students and gain an insight into our JC education system. Through JXP, we hope to integrate the scholars into the local society, enriching both the lives of our TPJcians and scholars through cross-cultural exchanges.

MLEP@TPJC Collaboration with MENDAKI

On 17 February 2016, a team from the Future Ready division under MENDAKI collaborated with MLEP@TPJC to give our MLEP students an insight on how government policies impact the lives of Malay-Muslim community in Singapore.

During this discussion, students were given the opportunity to discuss about the future challenges that could possibly hinder them to pursue their goals and how they should overcome these challenges. There was also a discussion on SkillsFuture and how lifelong learning should be a way of life of Singaporeans as they move ahead in the millennium.

MLEP Trip to Pontian, Johore

On the 20th of February 2016, 18 JC2 MLEP students, alongside students from 5 other Junior Colleges, embarked on an educational trip to Pontian, Malaysia. The aim of the trip was to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about the district which was featured in one of the ‘A’ Level Malay Literature texts, a novel entitled ‘Restu’, as well as the lives of the people in Pontian.

They started the trip by visiting a pineapple museum. There, the students were able to learn about the different kinds of pineapples, the way they are harvested, and many more interesting facts about pineapple plantations and industry. They were also given the opportunity to try out creating holes in peat soil to plant the pineapples, as well as to try out several pineapple delicacies. Afterwards, the students moved on to visit a village in Pontian, where the villagers warmly welcomed them with a kompang performance as well as a percussion demonstration using several instruments that were uniquely used in Pontian. The students were then taught how to play these percussion instruments and were given the chance to play them all together, creating different upbeat melodies. Moreover, the students were enlightened about the cultural proceedings of the village, and the villagers’ way of life. There, students were also taught several things about coconuts such as the different stages of maturity, which was then followed by them trying out the coconut water, as well as a few dishes prepared by the generous villagers. In addition, the students were then brought around the entire district as their tour guide pointed out and explained more about several significant areas of Pontian mentioned in the novel such as the sluice found in the village, the hospital , school  and many more.

Overall, the students highly enjoyed the trip which gave them many new insights about the district of Pontian, as well as gaining more information which would aid them in their course of study for the ‘A’ level examination.

NUSPA Chancellor’s Challenge Shield 2016

Four JC2 students, Chen Lee Wai, Shermaine Lim, Isabelle Christina Tjokroselio and Clarice Ang, represented TPJC in the NUS Students’ Political Association Chancellor’s Challenge Shield on 20 February 2016. They participated in the Preliminary Round, which tested their knowledge of the Singapore General Elections, and subsequently contributed actively in their various team discussions about current affairs in Singapore. They also had the opportunity to speak to Mr Baey Yam Keng, MP for Tampines GRC, who provided much insight about the General Elections in Singapore.

Friendship Week

TPJC Interact Club celebrated Friendship Week from 10th to 12th February 2016. The objective of the friendship week is to raise funds to support student initiated programmes for the elderly at St. Luke Eldercare, Evergreen Circle and Wellness@west Elderly Centres.

The Interactors set up a booth to sell various items such as Polaroid photographs, handmade flowers, sweets as well as bubble tea and cookies.  Through this meaningful event, the students learnt to be resourceful and gained a better understanding about the qualities to be an entrepreneur as they were required to source for reliable suppliers. They also learnt effective administration, organisational and communication skills to ensure the smooth running of the event.  Last but not least, students have built up their confidence throughout the whole process of planning and carrying out of the project.

Interact Booth Right Before Opening

Students collecting their pre-ordered bubble tea

Students taking photo at the polaroid booth

49th Annual War Memorial Service at War Memorial Park

On the 15th of February 2016, 9 of our JC2 Civics Councillors attended the 49th Annual War Memorial Service at the War Memorial Park, organised by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI). The service is organised every year, in commemoration of the civilian victims of the Japanese Occupation. It commenced with an “All Clear” signal, sounded by the Singapore Civil Defence Force, followed by one minute of silent prayers headed by religious leaders from the Inter-Religious Organisation. Thereafter, various representatives went forward to lay wreaths in honour of the victims. One of our students, Simranjit Kaur (15S16), represented Tampines Junior College in the wreath-laying ceremony. The ceremony closed with all guests taking three bows of respect, followed by one minute of respectful silence. Although the Memorial Service was short, it was poignant and thought-provoking. The learning experience was concluded with a short National Education talk on the history of the War Memorial Park, by the SAF Veterans’ League.

In conjunction with this year’s War Memorial Service, the #NeverAgain social media movement was launched to raise awareness of the significance of Total Defence Day (which marks the fall of Singapore from the Japanese to the British on the 15th of February 1942), and to empower Singaporeans to pledge their commitment to do our part to defend our nation.

The War Memorial Service was in all an enriching experience – it was an invaluable opportunity to reflect on and be appreciative of how far Singapore has come today, and a timely reminder that we cannot and should not take our peace and stability for granted; instead, we must stand together,and be resilient as one Singapore.

TPJC Debate goes to the NUSPA Debate Series

The TPJC Debate Team competed at the NUSPA Debate Series last Saturday. The team lost marginally in the first two rounds against DDI (Debate Development Initiative) and NJC. However, we fought on bravely and defeated MJC in the 3rd round. The team showed tremendous spirit and gained valuable debating experience in the process.

Lunar New Year Reunion Dinner 

On the 6th of February 2016, TPJC’s Interact Club celebrated the Lunar New Year with the low-income elderly who live alone in Tampines. Together with Evergreen circle, Terrace RC and Spring RC, the Club organised a reunion dinner for the elderly. This event was a special one as it brought about laughter and joy to the elderly who would otherwise have to eat reunion dinner alone.  It was really heart-warming to see the smiles on the elderly’s faces as they participate in the activities.

Before the event, the students planned the activities catering to the needs of the elderly. On the actual day, the students decorated the venue, executed of games and activities such as Lohei and served food to the elderly.  Through this event, the students learnt more about the way Resident Committee works in organising community events. They are able to think on their feet and make changes to the games to enhance engagement of the elderly.  Last but not least, the students also developed their social skills when interacting with the elderly in this meaningful event.

After the event, many of the elderly shook hands with the Interacters and the teachers to thank them for organizing the event. This event has not only brought festive cheers to the elderly, it also brought about satisfaction to the students who worked hard to make the event a success.

Lohei With the Elderly

Multi-generational Approval

Group Photograph With All Organisers and Participants

Clean-Up Session of Residents’ Home (A Collaboration with Evergreen Circle)

On 29th of January 2016, TPJC’s Interact Club visited the homes of the seniors staying at Evergreen Circle Neighbourhood Link to aid them in spring cleaning their homes for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Students were engaged in activities such as cleaning of windows and fans, painting wall corners, wiping cupboards, and scrubbing the floors. As these activities often require energy and balance, the elderly were appreciative that there were someone to lend a helping hand this year. Through the activity, students learnt to empathize with the elderly and understood the importance of teamwork. They also reflected that although what they had done might only help in a small way but they gained a great deal of satisfaction through interactions with the elderly and kind gestures shown to them by the elderly.

TPJC30 Celebrates! Chinese New Year Celebrations, 5th Feb

Tampines JC celebrates Chinese New Year beginning with taking a family portrait together, by doing the TPJC30 formation. This is followed by a 3km mass walk to kick start the official launch of our 100,000km Physical Challenge 2016.

After class bonding parties, the Tampines JC Family consisting of staff, students, College Advisory Committee, Parents Support Group, Alumni and North East Community Development Council, gathered in the Hall to bond and Lo Hei together!

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

English Language and Literature Symposium 2016

On the 28th Jan 2016, our Head of Department Project Work, Mr Jose Paolo Boquiren and Senior Teacher Literature, Miss Tey Pei Hwa presented at the English Language and Literature Symposium 2016 organised by the South Zone Centre of Excellence at CHIJ Toa Payoh.

The symposium seeks to provide teachers with a platform to share current research and practices on English Language and Literature pedagogies.

CCA exhibition 2016

Our College CCA Exhibition was held on 3rd February at the School Hall, E block and the auditorium area. It was a brilliant showcase of all the CCAs that we have in our college. The myriad of activities serves to display the vibrancy and energy of all the CCA members as they set up their booths in a bid to attract the new JC1s into their respective CCAs.

CNY Celebrations 2016

The College started off the Chinese New Year Celebrations with giving of Ang Baos as a blessing from the TPJC staff to the deserving EAS, who support the College unreservedly in many ways.

Staff Achievement and Appreciation

Our heartiest congratulations to Mr Jonathan Yew for successfully completing the following E-Learning courses: Crafting Curriculum: An Introduction and Formative Assessment – The Basics. We would also like to extend our appreciation to Miss Janet Leong for facilitating discussions at the 7th Biology Instructional Programme Support Group Sharing.

Reflective Leaders, Celebrating Success!

The 2016 Student Leadership Congress was successfully held on 20th January 2016.  Student leaders from our college CCA groups gathered once again, after six months since the Leadership Training Camp held last year, to reflect on their personal leadership journey employing the five practices in our college Leadership Challenge Model.  The congress served as a good platform to celebrate their successes and to share their learning experiences as student leaders.

Liaw Jie Qi, a student councillor, aptly described the event when she shared “ The congress brought our attention to problem-based as well as social and emotional learning…it equipped us with leadership skills that we can use not only for self-improvement but also to learn ways on how to cultivate others around us.  This congress has been very educational and serves as a good checkpoint for all student leaders to stop and reflect so as to become even BETTER leaders.”  Indeed, this same sentiment was shared by Brandon Tan, President of the college Student Council who reflected: “I realised how much I had grown not just as a leader, but also as a person of character.”

The 2016 Student Leadership Congress ended successfully with our college student leaders feeling united as one college, striving to inspire all student members in Tampines Junior College to achieve excellence in all that they do!

Our Principal, Ms Yoong, set a personal challenge for TPJC student leaders : “Do you want to be like a lion leading a flock of sheep, or do you want to be like a sheep leading a pride of lions?”

Student leaders from the Performing Arts CCAs engaged in deep discussion as they identified common challenges in leading their members, and shared some of their success stories.

Thumbs up for the 2016 Student Leadership Congress – a good platform for TPJC Student Leaders to network and glean from each other precious learning experiences as leaders in our respective CCAs.

Deans List Award Ceremony 2016

On the 28th January 2016, we congratulate our Deans List Award Ceremony’s recipients for their achievements. Parents of the recipients were present to witness their success.

We are also honoured to have our former Vice-Principal, Mr Inderjit Singh as our Guest-of-Honour to grace the event and motivate our JC2s.

2016 Staff Learning Day

It was a day of fun and challenges for all staff on 22 January 2016 where each department embarked on learning activities that served to promote team building, communication, problem solving, decision-making and trust building.

St Gallen Symposium Singapore Forum 2016

On the 23rd January 2016, our HATP and NYAA students attended the St Gallen Symposium Singapore Forum 2016 to learn from the sharing of our national leaders.

The theme for the forum is Growth – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and the Keynote Address was delivered by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Secretary General of the National Trade Union Congress. Other distinguished leaders were also present to join Minister in the dialogue session.

Art Stage 2016

On January 21st, 22nd, and 23rd 2016, seven TPJC Art students (Elouise Quek, Elly Yulanda, Tey Yu Jing, Jessica Kim, Yeo Kai Lin, Athena Seng, and Priscilla Chan) participated as volunteers in the annual international showcase of art, Art Stage, at Marina Bay Sands Expo.
They were given tasks such as guiding gallery visitors around the fair, and providing help at the information desk.Through this experience, students got to interact with various personalities in the art world, which included artists, art buyers, and curators.
Other art students who did not volunteer visited the fair on a one day learning journey. It was an enjoyable experience and a first-hand immersion into the industry indeed!

Hospice Care Association Family Portrait Event 2016

On 16 Jan 2016, TPJC students volunteered to be ushers, helpers and befrienders to support the Hospice Care Association Family Portrait Event at Tampines Central Community Centre. As part of the event, students put up game booths and singing performances to entertain the families of hospice care patients as they waited for their turn to take family portraits. The booths and performances were well-received by the guests and organisers.

 (Photos of the beneficiaries are not included to protect their identities)

TPJC Open House 2016

Tampines JC held its annual Open House on the 12th Jan 2016. It was a great success and we had a great time meeting new people and reconnecting with our alumni. We hope you have learnt more about our college and we look forward to seeing you soon!

First Day of School

School has reopened! It is the first day back in college and we started the day with CG breakfast to catch up with one another. Our students are ready for TPJC Open House and what is ahead for them!

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