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Event Highlights

Friendship Week 2017

TPJC Interact Club celebrated Friendship Week from 13th to 15th February 2017. This year, Interact Club collaborated with POLARIS Science students to organise a booth selling helium balloons, candies, red roses and dyed roses. Profits from the sale are used to fund student-initiated programs for the elderly at Lions Befrienders, Evergreen Circle and Wellness@West. This was a good opportunity for everyone in TPJC to express their appreciation and gratitude to one another, portraying the spirit of TPJC Ohana 31!


Hong Bao Special 2017

On 10th Feb 2017, TPJC Interact Club, Guzheng Ensemble and the Chinese Cultural Society organised a two hour programme for the elderly at the Moral home for the Aged Sick to celebrate Chinese New Year with them.

Prior the trip, TPJC Interact Club conducted a fundraising to buy basic necessities and food items for the elderly at Moral Home for the Aged Sick. Another portion of the money was also given to the elderly as Ang Pows. This is an enriching learning experience for the Interact Club members as they learnt how to work together as a team, put their values into practice and contribute meaningfully by bringing joy to the elderly.

2017 T1 Events HongBao 01

2017 T1 Events HongBao 02

2017 T1 Events HongBao 03

2017 T1 Events HongBao 04

2017 T1 Events HongBao 05

2017 Student Leadership Congress
Celebrating Successes and Overcoming Challenges

The 2017 Student Leadership Congress, held last Wednesday on 25th January 2017, is an annual event that offers an interactive platform for all Student Leaders to come together and share their experiences and challenges faced during their leadership journey in Tampines Junior College.  The Congress started off with an inspiring speech by our Principal, Ms Yoong, who emphasized on how Student Leaders need to “SHOW” their effective leadership by being exemplary in their leadership role.  The participants then actively discussed at length and brainstormed together for effective solutions to common key challenges faced.  Together, they celebrated their successes and shared their vision for their respective CCAs as well as recorded some golden tips for their potential successors. The Congress concluded on a high note, with the Student Leaders fully embodying the core values of leadership while striving to be the best leaders that they can be.

2017 T1 Events StudLeadership 01

Our Principal, Ms Yoong, “SHOW”-ing how leaders should lead by example.

2017 T1 Events StudLeadership 02

Our Student Leaders celebrating their successes and brainstorming for ways to overcome the challenges faced.

[NE] TPJC-CD Lionhearter Programme: Community Emergency Preparedness Training

The TPJC-Civil Defence Lionhearters spent an enriching afternoon at the 2nd SCDF DIV HQ on 25 January 2017 where they received training in Community Emergency Preparedness. This is part of the national SGSecure movement and Home Team’s effort to empower tertiary students to be adept in civil defence and to be willing to step forward to render assistance during an emergency. Our CDLionhearters learnt about the need for a Ready Bag, had the opportunity to practise the ‘Triangle of Life’ skills which include basic first aid, CPR and AED procedures, as well as basic firefighting skills to prepare them for their civic duty as Community First Responders. Our CD Lionhearters really enjoyed the session and definitely learnt many valuable lessons from the instructors.

2017 T1 Events Lionhearter 01

2017 T1 Events Lionhearter 02

2017 T1 Events Lionhearter 03

2017 Department Retreat on 13 January

2017 Department Retreat was held on 13 January to promote bonding over an afternoon tea break. These photographs captured some of the creative poses of the staff during the retreat depicting TPJC31 Ohana.

2017 T1 Events DeptRetreat 01

2017 T1 Events DeptRetreat 02

2017 T1 Events DeptRetreat 03

Open House 2017

On 13 January 2017, TPJC held its Open House featuring vibrant performances by various student groups, an introductory talk by our Vice-Principal, exciting subject and CCA exhibition booths helmed by welcoming staff and students, and college tours by enthusiastic student guides. Over 1000 visitors passed through our college to experience life at TPJC as well as to learn more about the A Level curriculum and our co-curricular programmes. They were also treated to delicious savoury and sweet treats during their visit, and definitely left with positive memories of meeting our warm and happy TPJC family.

2017 T1 Events OpenHouse 01

2017 T1 Events OpenHouse 02

2017 T1 Events OpenHouse 03

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